Below are four methods donating to ISKCON Berkeley: Bank of America deposit, Chase Bank transfer, Paypal and Dwolla. The first three are familiar to everyone so later I will explain what Dwolla is in detail because we recommend this method over Paypal, unless you use the Bank of America method.
Bank of America Deposit
Simply go to any Bank of America and make a regular deposit to International Society for Krishna Consciousness of the Bay Area, Incby directly going to the bank teller.

You can use the Paypal links below to make a one time / recurring donation or just go directly to click on “Transfer” and click on “Send Someone Money”, enter your own email address in the “From” Email field, enter “” in the “To” Email field and enter the amount you would like to donate and click on continue. If you are not yet using Paypal you will have to register with them online first.

Dwolla (our preferred method)

What is Dwolla and why is it our preferred method? Dwolla is a recent online financial system that functions exactly like Paypal. The difference is there are no percentage fees and the transaction fee is fixed at 25c. Yes, that’s 25c. So, whether you give $10 or one million dollars the transaction costs only 25c! No percentages or high transaction fees. That means we get more of your donation. Simply click on the link below or go to, register with them and make your donation to ISKCON Berkeley or International Society for Krishna Consciousness of the Bay Area, Inc. It’s really that simple and they will only take 25c from the transaction. You can also set this up for automatic monthly withdrawals. Our new website will also have a Dwolla donation link.

All donations are tax deductible. Our Federal tax exempt ID # is 94-2376368 and we are registered as International Society for Krishna Consciousness of the Bay Area, Inc.If you have any questions or for more information please call 510-540-9215  or email:
Thank you for your time and support. Srila Prabhupada and Lord Krishna appreciate the devotion and the cooperative mood of helping the temple and the mission to spread Krishna consciousness to every town and village.

Monthly Donor Program

Please participate to significantly help New Jagannatha Puri’s (ISKCON Berkeley) financial stability with a regular monthly donation, large or small. Read More

Join Our Tithing Family

A temple needs the support of its congregation to remain solvent and stable and to provide services for the community on a regular basis. Tithing, the regular commitment of a monthly donation to support the functioning of our temple, defines your relationship with Krishna.  Read More

Sponsor Book Distribution

At the Berkeley ISKCON Temple we take the distribution of Srila Prabhupada’s books as a priority.  Read More